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In this article, we highlight the best books for learning Python through a collection of book reviews. Each review gives you a taste of the book, the topics covered, and the context used to illustrate those topics. Different books will resonate with different people, depending on the style and presentation of the books, the readers’ backgrounds, as well as other factors.

Python is an amazing programming language. It can be applied to almost any programming task, allows for rapid development and debugging, and brings the support of what is arguably the most welcoming user community.

Getting started with Python is like learning any new skill: it’s important to find a resource you connect with to guide your learning. Luckily, there’s no shortage of excellent books that can help you learn both the basic concepts of programming and the specifics of programming in Python. With the abundance of resources, it can be difficult to identify which book would be best for your situation.

If you are new to Python, any of the introductory books will give you a solid foundation in the basics.

Perhaps you want to learn Python with your kid, or maybe teach Python to a group of kids. Check out the Best Python Books for Kids for resources aimed at a younger audience.

As you progress in you Python journey, you will want to dig deeper to maximize the efficiency of your code. The best intermediate and advanced Python books provide insight to help you level up your Python skills, enabling you to become an expert Pythonista.


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