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International Publishing Platform

Our team of experts will Publish your book with their professional skills and Sell in over 4,000 Libraries & 2000 Book stores in 50 + countries and earn upto 100% of the net profits.


Publish your book faster
You no longer have to wait for months to even hear back from a publisher. You have complete control over your book’s publishing timeline.
Security With Govt. Copyright
Secure your work by having a Govt. Copyright certificate of your book. Own complete rights from the Namya Press and Govt. of India.
Print on Demand Everytime
Fed up of dealing with the future cost of printing a book. Since it can become the liability on your head, if not sold?
Money Plant Every Month
Enjoy the fruits- “Lifetime Royalty” Now it’s your time to cheer and celebrate…!!! pay you primacy every month