Professional publishing process

Are you planning to self-publish your book, but don’t have any idea how?

Are you procrastinating your self- publishing book to get published because you are not getting any professional publishing guide who can take care of everything and you just have to write your book?

What is a professional publishing process?

The professional publishing process is your handrail or guide to self-publish your book. Many authors when self published their book, they get stuck in the editing, designing the cover page, designing the structure of the book, and failing to reach a large audience due to lack of promotional assistance knowledge and marketing skills. There are a few other technical factors involved that can be handled with the help of a professional publishing guide.

In a professional publishing guide, Namya Press will help you in designing the cover page approved by ISBN and the structure of the book. You will have a hundred percent ownership of your book where you will enjoy complete royalty. 

Apart from that, Namya press assists you in promotional activities of your book and does complete marketing according to the package you choose for promotional activities of your book worldwide to uplift sales and make your book a brand value for you.

 The Namya Press Publishing will give you the excess to Sell your book globally .


Are you getting confused if is it similar to traditional publishing through a digital platform?

If you are thinking so, It’s not right.

Don’t worry, you are not going to be trapped in any process like the authors get trapped in the jerk of the traditional publishing process and get demoralized on rejection. Authors get frustrated due to the long waiting process and time taking process of publishing in the traditional publishing house. Many people procrastinate or drop the idea of writing the book due to high charges and the process of traditional publishing. 

We are in the era of smart work, not hard work. Many successful people have said that we should focus on what we are expert in and hire people to do other tasks which we are not good at. It will enhance your accuracy and efficiency of work. 

Many of us may be good at writing a book, many of us must have unique ideas to present in front of readers but it is not necessary that we are also good at designing a cover page, technology, and marketing, etc.

These days it is difficult to get success if we don’t have a huge network and appropriate channel of distribution of our book.

The Namya press will help you and assist you in all aspects of your book publishing. we will do your marketing at a global level. You don’t have to take any stress after writing your book. 

Is self-publishing easy and quick?

This is a very frequently asked question. It completely depends on the way you choose to publish your book. If you are a beginner and you are doing it all yourself, you may get stuck and it will be a time taking process. But if you take the help of a professional guide, things would be easy for you.

How should I decide the price?

If you are a beginner, you may not have an idea of how to fix the price. Look at the price of other books related to your subject, do some research and if you still get stuck, take the help of a professional guide.