Career in Namya Press
Namya Press is a place for talented individuals with significant experience in a specific field, curious minds with a wide range of interests, and a creative bent of mind at work. We prefer teams with a lot of diversity.
All the work positions at Namya Press have a lot of flexibility built into them. They can be molded according to your specific requirements. The same include all kinds of combinations – regular offices, satellite offices, remote working and work from home options; regular timings, flexible timings, part time work assignments, project based freelancing assignments and weekend working. We work with the best in class technology to allow all the above, while having the highest productivity levels.


Proofreaders with experience in book publishing or media are preferred.
Publication Consultant
Publication Consultant
Desk Top Publishing (DTP)
Typesetting artists with experience in book publishing or with advertising background are preferred.
Artists / Designers / Illustrators
Cover Page artists, Illustrators, and Designers with experience in book publishing or with advertising backgrounds are preferred.
Audiobook Voice Actor
Audiobook Voice Actor
Editors, for Fiction and Non–Fiction, with experience of working at traditional publishing houses and journalists with editing backgrounds are preferred.

Please send your work portfolio and contact details to: