Royalty Calculator

Now it’s your time to cheer and celebrate…!!!
The Namya Press Publishing is here to take care of sales of your book and pay you primacy every month (according to Plan).

Congratulations…!!! For saving yourself from the jerk of traditional publishing, which gives royalty just twice in a year on your plant. You deserve 100 % profit of the plant which you have sown, then why someone else takes benefit out of it.

  • Mention the approx. number of pages and book size of your book and calculate the Production Cost and Minimum Selling Price.
  • Your Preferred Selling Price should be between the Minimum and Maximum Price to get the royalty details.

Your Preferred Selling Price should be between the Minimum and Maximum Price.

Royalty On Namya Press Website : INR  
Royalty On Other Platform : INR  
Author copies – at subsidized price : INR    + Shipping Charges

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does 100% Royalty Means?

You will get 100% profit share on each book selling. The profit is calculated after deduction of production cost and distribution commission charges by individual distribution channel. The profit is calculated as: Royalty = MRP – Distribution Commission – Production Cost and Taxes.

Why there is difference between Namya Press Royalty and Other Channel’s Royalty ?

Other distribution channels charge Distribution Commission on each book they sold. But, in case, if the book is sold by Namya Press website, then only production cost and taxes will be deducted and the rest amount will be author’s royalty since we do not charge distribution Commission at our store.

What is Minimum MRP ?

Minimum MRP is the least possible cost of the book that is decided according to the production cost of the book. Above the Minimum MRP, you can set the price of book at your ease. Higher MRP will provide higher royalty.

How will I Get Paid ?

Royalty amount is paid on monthly basis. The reports will be updated on author dashboard and the amount will be directly paid to your registered bank account on every month.

How I can purchase my own copies ?

You just need to pay the printing cost and shipping charges and we will be delivering the author copies at your provided address. Printing and shipment process takes a time of 8-10 Days.

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