Can a child become an author?

Answer is absolutely YES as Namya Press creating opportunity to became an author and get published their book with realistic illustration and sell over word wide.    

Formats:  Paperback !  eBook ! Hardcover ! Audiobook !

Languages:  English ! Hindi ! 

Book Sizes (inch):  5×8 ! 5.5×8.5 ! 6×9 ! 8.11 !

How Do I Write It?
You have an idea for a children's book, but you struggle to get it on the page. It's tough to know how to tell the story so children will really enjoy it.
Is It Any Good?
You wrote your children's book, but you're not sure how to make it better. kids will sit through it one time but will they clamor to hear it a second time?
How Do I Publish?
You have your book but you don't know how to write a query letter, hire an illustrator, approach an agent, or send your book to publishers.
Access to Instructor
If you have any questions about the Book Publishing, you can ask a question we will answer it for you.
Downloadable PDFs
To help you with your children's book education, you can access soft copy resources which you can consult at any time.
When you finish the Book Publishing , you will earn a completion certification that shows you've mastered the fundamentals of children's book writing.
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