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Dr. Neeraj Milind Shahane

Dr. Neeraj Milind Shahane is a Ph.D of Glocal University, UP, India and Master’s graduate of Monash University, Australia, 2020. He graduated from Sandip Foundation, India in 2018. Acquired strong knowledge of Advanced Data Analysis, Advanced Electronics, Real-Time System Design, Power Electronics, Instrumentation, and Sensing & Monitoring and demonstrated the skills in graduate projects and other research papers. He holds 3 Australian Patents, 1 US Patent and 1 Indian Patent. Besides, he has published 6 research papers in medical field and 1 research paper in Embedded Systems & Automation area. He contributed 3 chapters for the book titled “Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real World” and 2 chapters for the book titled “USE OF IOT Internet of Things”. He gained professional expertise while working as R&D Engineer in Bologna, Italy. He got appreciation award from CM of Maharashtra, India in Transform Maharashtra Event. Also, He got Best Research Award from Government of Japan and India, 2022 and Best performance in Health Case from IARDO Educational Excellence Award, 2022.  He accomplished IOT device project with Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria in 2016 under UG fellowship program.