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The book which you carry now and you are reading is written by me however the hard work is of many people. I always define my life as plant with a growing flower. The flower blooms and adds beauty to the world but that’s the continuous efforts of its parts which make it stand and blossom like no one else. The roots are the strength of the plant and for me it’s my father. He always stands beside me whenever I need him. He provides me all types of support be it mental, physical, financial or anything else. The soil which binds the plant and makes it firm, and she is my mother. The way soil provides nutrients to the plant she provides me all the pearl of wisdom. The water and the sunlight are my mentor Priyanka Behl who had always encouraged me to uplift me and be my better version. She had been my real reason behind my success because a teacher is the one who mold a student and she had given me shape. Next are one of the major parts of plant, leaves which I consider my friends and family members. They had been so kind to lend a hand to me whenever I needed.

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Parth Kalra


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