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Internet of Things with IPv6


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This book providesĀ  details of IoT with IPv6 in respect of its development including the use of various projects and different terminologies.Initially a brief reference about various projects that have

been taken by IERC for Internet of Things(IoT) is given.Moving furthur development stages of IoT6 has been discussed covering all the aspects of IoT6 evolution.IoT-A architecture has been described keeping in view of its importance in IoT6 architecture.IPv6 being a integral part of IoT6 has been eloborated in detail.Cloud Computing along with various applications and terms have been defined to enable the reader to get a clear view of the book. This book has made use of numerous figures to helpĀ  the reader in getting a easy and interesting idea of this topic.This book in the end discusses challenges of Heterogenous Integration and Scalability of IoT6.

This book sees Iot6 and IPv6 as necessary means for growth of IoT in the near future.

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