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Advika Gupta

Who am I?
Hello friends! Welcome to my world of stories.
Before you delve in the world of ‘Story Vistory’, I thought I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Advika and I am ten years old, I love reading books as they inspire me a lot. My friends constantly complain that I do not join them in their games with dolls and cars, you can very well guess why? I am busy reading books!
By the time I became seven, I had already become a voracious reader and had finished reading my first book of ‘Harry Potter.’ Please don’t be surprised if you come across some big fancy words – like I said already, all thanks to reading! From then on, my vacations were never boring. Books became my best friends and I was lost into them like dreams. My personal library at home has a collection of over 400 books and I keep longing for more. Thanks to mom and dad my library is always growing!
Apart from books, I am fond of creating magic on paper with art and colours. I have a passion for dancing and it makes me feel more confident and expressive.
My love for reading made me take a leap from reading to writing stories to begin with. I wanted to see how I could tell a story in more imaginative and communicative way. I wanted to express myself in my character’s voice, live in their world and experience their life. I began and there was no stopping me. I had my first story published at the age of eight years in ‘Scintillating Scions’, a book published on behalf of my alma mater ‘Mayoor Private School, Abu Dhabi, UAE.’
In this collection of short stories, I have combined elements of fantasy, adventure, and experiences from real life to paint an allegorical picture of angst, insecurities and redemption, culminating in stories across many genres.
I really love telling stories and this book is the first to hit the stands from my ‘Pitara’ of a massive collection. I do hope I can quickly publish more and dream up even more.
Enjoy reading!