Author Picture


Sher Singh, popularly S S Chauhan, is the youngest novelist who gives words to the situations that most novelists cannot.

With his pen, he writes magical words that make everyone admire the author. Since his childhood, S S Chauhan had incredible writing skills, which, later on, helped him to establish himself as a professional author.

The author, by passion, was born on Indian soil in the dazzling state of Rajasthan. As born in Rajasthan, S S Chauhan belongs to a Rajput family with a heritage of arts and dignity. After doing his Master's in English, he explored himself and found a gem hiding somewhere in his personality. That hidden gem was the gem of a novelist.

In his educational career, S S Chauhan performed outstandingly and proved to the world what capabilities a young writer could possess. His educational journey is filled with a variety of degrees that a person idealizes for himself.

S S Chauhan holds degrees in several sectors, including Masters in English, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor of Educational Degree, Masters in Education, and AIELTA (All-India English Language Testing Authority).

Alongside proving his name in education, S S Chauhan also made his worth by participating and successfully passing many competitive exams.

Passing AIELTA with gave the particular confidence that S S Chauhan needed to set his voyage as a novelist.

The writings of S S Chauhan were hidden from everyone's eyes until his two novels, “Half Kiss” and “A Night with A Girl” provided Chauhan with the launching pad that he was looking for.

It would be fair to say that he got the sense to arouse romance in any scenario.

S S Chauhan always pours granular words to convey the essence of romance most compellingly by putting himself in the audience's shoes.