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Ramesh Chandra Tripathi

Prof. Ramesh Chandra Tripathi has completed his M.Sc. and D. Phil. Degree from University of Allahabad. Professor Tripathi is currently serving as Professor of Zoology and also Director Research, Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya, Chitrakoot, Satna (MP). He has 30 years of teaching and research experience. Prof. Tripathi has published 85 research papers in leading journals and presented 70 papers in National and International Seminars / Symposia and 07 book chapters. He wrote one book Biosystematics and Taxonomy for Post graduate students. He has guided 12 Ph.D., 07 M.Phil. and 40 M.Sc. (dissertations) students. Research fields of his principal interests are Biosystematics, Biodiversity, Behavior, Biology of Cecidomyiids & Biological Control of Insect Pests; GIS and Human Health, Biological Control of Mosquito larvae using indigenous fishes. Biological Control of Weed, Biocontrol agents like Trichoderma spp. against chickpea Fusarium spp., in silico docking of various compounds like Protease in Dengue virus, tomato leaf curl NewDelhi virus DNA-A, Mung bean yellow mosaic virus infecting tomato etc.