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Dr S.G. Benjamin

Dr S.G. Benjamin is from Christian background .who is a surgeon by profession , who has been simultaneously writing spiritually books. Despite his round the clock schedule he also keeps writing spiritually based books. His first love is Jesus, His second love is passion for writing for Him, and his third love his service to mankind ,his 24 hours patients. He has disclosed his own thoughts and experiences ,which will convince you of every word written .this book will wrap you in intimacy with Gods design so much you will read it cover to finish. It is the best spiritual ever written book which will give you a complete insight of life. The book he wrote will be a milestone in itself., because it will give the answers of so many questions and solve many spiritual riddle, puzzles, etc. like what was DNA coding of 1st human , what would be genetic makeup of Almighty God, DNA structure of Angels, DNA makeup of Satan, what is the genetic makeup of each male and each female of this planet earth. How was sin transmitted through 1St Adam and EVE to coming generation and each person is under the curse of sin which resulted to death.