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Dr. Ratnakar Pradhan

Dr. Ratnakar Pradhan was born in an elite family on  the 18th July,1949 in the palace of erstwhile feudal king of Dasapalla State in Odisha (India) where his uncle was the Dewan. He hailed from village Dhansar near Banki in Cuttack district. On completion of his secondary and + 2 Science education in Banki College he joined the College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry for a Bachelor’s degree under the Odisha University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar (OUAT). On successful completion he joined as a junior veterinary officer in the Department of Animal Resource Development under government of Odisha. He held different positions between 1973 and 1976 until he joined the OUAT for a Master’s degree in Veterinary Med…