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Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh

Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh, a professor under Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara (Bihar) is a prolific writer and renowned social worker. He has authored 35 Books and about 150 research papers in the field of Law, English Literature and Social Sciences. Dr. Singh was Formerly the Head of English department and law Officer of the said University. He has presented papers in several national and global conferences and presided sessions as well
Some important books published to his credit in law are: Legal Language, Legal Writing, Supreme Court on Human Rights and Social Justice, Laws on Cyber Crimes, Laws on Minority Schools and Colleges, Laws on Service Matters, Digest on Criminal Minor Acts, Laws on Minority Educational Rights, Laws on Technical and Professional Colleges, Laws on Education and University matters, Law on Writs, Revision and Appeal, A to Z of Dishonour of Cheques, A to Z of Successful Defences in Criminal Trial (IPC) and A to Z of Successful Defences in Criminal Minor Acts, A to Z of Specific Relief Act and A to Z of Civil Procedure Code. Some other books are in progress including A to Z of Laws of Land and Property Disputes.
Some important books to his credit in English literature are : Major Indo-English Novelists & Novels, Major Indo - English Poets & Poetry, Indian Fiction In English, Five Contemporary Indian Novelists, Monographs on R.K. Narayan, Salman Rushdie, Anita Desai, Bhabani Bhattacharya, Bapsi Sidhwa, Mulk Raj Anand, Shobha De etc. UGC Minor and Major Research Projects were also completed by him successfully.