New Dimensions of Value Education

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We believe that this book, “New Dimensions of Value Education” will be useful for the entire humanity. Crisis of character is increasing globally. Human values are dying fast and are at their lowest ebb today. Intolerance is increasing. Rapes and molestations are a daily routine. What to mention of peers, even the elders are being disregarded and attacked by adolescents. Even the parents and teachers are not spared. The question arises why is this steep fall? Education is the most powerful agent of social change. Education sans human values is the cause of the present dismal scenario. Education with human values is the answer to this global problem. If the Academic Managers are well-trained in value education, they will certainly try to find ways and means to inculcate values among the student with more dexterity from an early impressible age: The age when the child is a sapling to which the mentor could give the right direction to grow straight. The objectives of this book are (1) to highlight the shortcomings of modern management in education (2) to suggest ways and means to overcome the existing shortcomings (3) to highlight the modern techniques of management in education


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Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj


Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj


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