Designs Concepts of operating system

Operating systems are a vitalprogram of any computer system and computer science education.This book introduces thedesign concepts of operating systems. As computer is eventually embedding in every area though Operating Systems is undergoing expresstransformation. More sophisticated operating system level software’s are developing in every arena of day-to-day life.

This book is dedicatedly written for description of operating system concepts from initial to expert level with help of sophisticated and real world examples. Motive to write this book is to explain the operating system concepts from graduation to post graduate levels through understandable descriptions. Hopefully, experts also found healthy discussions in this book.

The book covers Process Management, Processes Scheduling and Inter process communication in latest technologies. This book also covers technological enhancements for leading high speed and efficient process management techniques. Further this book explains the concepts of memory hierarchy, Memory Management, Memory allocation, Paging and segmentation, Virtual memory, etc., by considering detailed architectural designs and algorithms. Core and detailed examples have been used to illustrate both traditional and modern computing memory requirements. As File System Management and IO Managements is also a major arena of Operating systems design, a firm foundation examples based text is presented in this book.


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