HRM Practices in Indian Banks

HRM PRACTICES IN INDIAN BANKS is a developed concept and role in organizations. It has tremendous relevance to service sector like Banks. This calls for a need to innovate the earlier HR practices of the banks so that the employee productivity can be enhanced. This book aims to provide an insight to such innovations, related to Human Resource Management with the help of a primary study based on the viewpoints of HR managers of different Indian banks both from public and private sector. These innovative HRM practices have been listed under seven different heads of HRM namely recruitment & selection, training and development, performance management, compensation management, career development, employee motivation and employee security The book presents the parameters of effective implementation of HR practices in banking sector.  Convergence of practices of new and innovative HR areas that will benefit the banks to become more competitive are also presented in the book. The book is very much useful for banking professional as well as management students and research scholars.

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