Why Look outside ?


Why Look outside ?

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“Why look outside?” our family, through various struggles, tears, and smiles, has such a wealth of love, character, faith, and life experiences in our family, there is no need to look outside. Within my family is all that is needed to feel proud,

loved, and grateful to God. In this book, Why Look Outside?”, the author Joseph Mandumpal will relate a few examples of our family story of Lonappan Uncle, let me share one example of his goodness and that of my family from my perspective. In 2011, I was waiting at the airport with my family for Lonappan Uncle and Philomina Aunty,

Paul Uncle and Baby Aunty to arrive. We were worried

when we saw some medical personnel hurriedly enter

the arrival area. We could only wait and hope it was not

concerning our family. After some time, my Uncles and

Aunties emerged from the doors. All four of them were

in wheelchairs. They had travelled under such health

conditions and efforts to come support my mother Rosy

Pulikkathara, elder sister to Philomina Aunty and Baby

Aunty. I cannot put into proper words, the immense

feelings in seeing them come, how proud and grateful I felt.


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