Written a book and stuck on the selling process?

 Many people who self-publish their books don’t have an idea, how to sell their books worldwide.  Many of them don’t know the process of selling or don’t have the network to sell it. If they get to know the multiple ways of selling their book worldwide, they can earn huge money. They have limited their mind by thinking that they can sell their book only on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeals, etc in only one language in which they have written the book.

Every aspiring writer in India is told on a very first day, to become a successful writer worldwide its vital to learn English to become an international author

 It seems biased?  Then, let’s not accept it. 

Indeed, English is the official and primary language to 67 countries but don’t forget about other languages. In India itself, there are other languages in which you can publish your book. And if we talk about global platforms, according to the Global E-book Report, the UK and the US only hold 29% of the global ebook market.

A professional guide at Namya Press will help you in getting the approval of the license to sell your books in other languages worldwide.

Deciding price is a very challenging situation: based on the current foreign exchange rate to fix the price of the book in a foreign currency is not possible. 

The amount people are ready to pay for a book is different in every individual country. 

Namya press will guide you in finding the market price of a particular country in which you want to sell your book.


Here are the facilities we provide worldwide to dell your book


Distribution in India

Online Distribution 

Here at the Namya Press Publishing, we will provide you the facility to list your book in all the online sales distribution channels, which are leading in the market such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeals, etc. We will also make the availability of your book at www.namyapress.com store where we will provide you all the benefits on each sale of your book. Considering your profits and benefits, we do not deduct the distribution charge and don’t take any share from the primacy, if the book is sold from our store. You enjoy all your fruits alone.



Here at Namya Press Publishing, we are also providing partners in the offline book distribution channel as we have a partnership with offline distributors also across India. 

Libraries in College, University & Public Libraries

We have partnerships with many Libraries. Therefore, the list of books will be sent in all libraries, with whom we have a partnership. We repeat this process twice a year. If any demand is raised for the book from Libraries, we print your book and supply it to libraries.


Online Distribution at Global level 

We at the Namya Press publishing don’t believe in limiting ourselves nor people who are associated with us.

Every individual who is self-publishing their book has a dream to sell it on a global platform and have international recognition. 

We here at Namya Press Publishing will provide you the International distribution channel directly through Amazon.com in paperback & E-Book  format in the other conutery 


Email to reader & Distributor

The catalog is prepared every month for the publishing of new books and information is sent through emails to our distributing partners & individual readers.