Publishing SERVICES

Have written your manuscript on paper? No worries. We will help you convert your hard copy into a MS Word File. Please Note: This service does not include proof reading of your typed manuscript. Price: Rs.80 per page plus GST.
A good cover creates the first impression in the reader’s mind. We ensure that you get the best cover for your book. In basic cover design, we find suitable images matching the content from various stock photo repositories and provide the author with two covers to choose from. Price: :- 1. Cover design 2 suggestion -Rs-2000 2. Cover design 3 suggestion - Rs-2500 3. Cover design 4 suggestion - Rs-3000 4. Cover design 5 Suggestion -Rs- 3500
Keeping the book in a digital format is the new in. Always carrying a physical book may be difficult for the busy bees. Therefore we create an ebook to carter the needs of those digital book lovers who want to read the books through their electronic devices on go. Price: Rs.3,500 plus GST.
ISBN is Required for any book to get publish,we will arrange ISBN for you within 3 days. Price: Rs.700
Copyright Copyright protects your work from getting misused or copies. Copyright registration is done with the Registrar of Copyright, Govt. of India. You will get a copyright certificate after government verification. The duration for getting a copyright registration in India is about 12 months. Price: Rs.3,000 plus GST.

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