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Are you looking for opportunities to publish your book in India

Namya Press has created a special Platform for all authors. And inviting people from the world to publish their book in India. India is a huge market for authors who are targeting english reader audiences. India is the 2nd highest english speaking country after the USA. And the young population is very much keen towards reading Books these days. It is one of the best decisions to publish your book here, if you are looking to get famous and increase your sale . The key benefit of publishing books with foreign authors in India is that they don't have to spend any amount. Namya Press is providing you an opportunity to publish your book at zero cost. Namya Press is providing you an opportunity to DIY( Do It Yourself) and Professional publishing. In DIY (Do It Yourself) you can publish your book yourself by using the platform of Namya Press. And a professional publishing expert team of Namya Press will guide you and assist you in publishing your book.

Benefit to Publish in India

  • Zero Cost Publishing

    Namya Press find easy way and developed DIY platform to get publish your book without any cost.

    • Free ISBN – if you have ISBN, you can share it other wise Namya Press will take ISBN for you.
    • How much time will Take – its only 30 minut process, where you can publish your book.
    Keep always in stock ( Print on Demand)

    Namya Press using POD system to keep available your book every time.

    Reach more audience

    only publishing is not the cup of tea, Namya Press will providing platform where you books will reach to vide audience.

    get royalty paid every month

    after publish your book you focus on your work rest Namya Press team will work and send you royalty every month. Calculator 

    Amazon Prime Listed

    be always in prime listed

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