Lifetime Inventory


Fed up of dealing with the future cost of printing a book. Since it can become the liability on your head, if not sold?

Resisting to write a book as it has a huge recurring cost and future cost?

Don’t want to be stuck in the trap of traditional publishing’s advance printing of books which could recur a loss or overburden on your head?

Don’t worry…!!!

The Namya Press understands your plight and provides you the solution by providing you the option of print on demand (POD). 

Unlike traditional distributors, we don’t put a burden on your head to have the bulk stock of published books in your warehouse. We understand that it can become a liability on your head if the stock is not sold. You can ask us to print your book when it is demanded. We will always keep a soft copy of it in our records.

You may be thinking, what is the print of demand?

Lets understand….

You know what is the biggest revolution in the publishing industry has come in recent days, which has challenged the traditional publishing market. That is print on demand(POD) with a self-publishing house.

It has made convenient and affordable unlikely traditional publishing, to print and sell their book straight away to readers across the globe.

Previously, self-published authors were beleaguered with a huge recurring cost. Printing books in bulk without requirement and overburden of maintaining excess inventory was a liability on them.

Print-on-demand free the author from all these unnecessary costs. It gives them the freedom to use an efficient small-run printing process that still provides the maximum exposure. By enjoying this exposure they have the freedom to enjoy all the rights of controls of their book with nominal cost.


Let’s understand, how it works:

  • Low recurring cost

 Zero inventory is required to maintain and no stoke is required to be kept. So you don’t have to spend money on buying stock, unlike traditional publishing rules.

  • 100% publishing solution

 Raise the demand for print, when needed—- we will take care of everything. Managing from production, shipping and the most vital—- getting you paid royalty.


  • Excess to the global market

 We assure you that your book will always be available whenever you demand it online and paperback both in wholesale bookstores worldwide and Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. 

Now, no fear of getting blacklisted by traditional publishers. No tension of keeping stock in the warehouse. 

Enjoy print on demand with high technology with the Namya Press.