How to Publish a Book

Take a deep breath and relax…!!!

You are almost reached to your destination.

Writing a manuscript is one of the challenging tasks to finish, which you have already done.

Now it is time to see the evidence of the reality of your dream of becoming an author.

Understand the process of publishing with these five steps before you reach a publisher for publishing your book.

Get your book published under these five steps:

  • Finish your Manuscript

Reading your script again may sound boring to you. But you have no option. Read it aloud twice before you send it to the publisher. Reading it aloud will help you to remove filler words from your draft.

Break it parts and read chapter wise and keep editing what you feel is not accurate or add the lines which are missing. Fill all the gaps which are needed.

You may be thinking If I have to do all this, then what the editor will do. The editor can’t fill in the gaps of your emotions and sentiments. Make sure the script you are sending is immaculate. It’s perplexed for an editor if a manuscript has grammatical errors, typing errors, misspellings. He can just make it an effective version by setting the paras, loopholes, and structures the content.

  • Editing and Proofreading

Kindly ensure when you are sending your manuscript to us. It is flawless. For proofreading, you can send the book to people who are close to you. So they can give you genuine feedback. Join a writing community where you can get like minded people who can guide you better from their experience. If you still face difficulty, ask us for help. The Namya Press Team will help you in finding the editor or proofreader.

  • Share with Publisher 

Once your manuscript is finalized, send it to the publisher..

  • Get Confirmation

If your manuscript is polished, it is an easy and fast process to execute further. Unlikely traditional publishing, we are not using paperback print to get your manuscript nor asking you to come and waste your lot of time. We believe in saving your time and paper. You can submit your manuscript online through our website or email given in our contact details.

Once we receive the manuscript, our team will go through it and will send you the terms and policies with confirmation mail of accepting your manuscript.

  • Book Release and Distribution

The Namya Press understands the needs and budget of its authors.

Hence, we provide you cost-effective, value for money services to our authors.

Our services are reliable in terms of delivering content to readers. And our distribution channels are across the globe which breaks the threshold of limiting your book within your county. We promote your book globally in multiple languages.

We also assure you of the delivery of your book to the right set of users by our promotional activities through secure and licensed dealers.

The most effective feature of Self Publishing with the Namya Press is that, whatever cost you bear to publish your book, you can recover it with a 100% profit in your account. Since we provide the marketing and promotional services for the sale of your book worldwide ( According to package), once the book is published.

Unlike traditional publishing, The Namya Press will publish your self-publishing book in just 21 Business days’ time period.

Authors are genuinely appreciating it. Unlike the traditional publishing houses, the self publishing house, Namya Press Publishing gives the freedom to an author. Namya Press allows an author to have control of the entire publishing and distribution process. We have plenty of ways of Online book promotion and the author branding services which helps an author to reach their real readers.

An author has freedom to keep all designed copies, the copyright, all subsidiary rights, and all profits with them.