DIY (Do IT Yourself)

DIY Publishing

Are you procrastinating to write your dream book…!!! Just because publishing it will cost you huge money and a lot of processes to go through. 

To publish your book with a publishing house i.e. traditional publishing, it is a long process. You need to submit a query letter or a proposal apace with your manuscript. After that, an editor will read your book then it will go under the process of proofreading. Then publishing houses will decide whether to select your book for publishing or not.

Traditional publishing house pays royalty only twice a year on some percentage basis, unconcerned of how well book is written and how much high sales go. It can put new writers in loss and can create liability on them.

When you are a new author, publisher( Traditional) may not focus on your book first and it can take limitless time i.e. from one year to three years for coming to your book from the back shelves to front shelves. Which will demotivate you as an author and you will lose your creativity.

The majority of people don’t like to go through this process so they either procrastinate to write their book or drop the idea. Sometimes they wait for the right time and righty idea to come.

But as there is a famous quote of legend MR. Ratan Tata “I take the decision and then make it right”.

Likewise, you take the decision to write and find a solution to publishing it.

In life, if we focus on the problem, we will always be stuck but if the focus on the solution, we can achieve anything.

Sometimes, marketing a book cost huge money. In the trend of getting the tag of “best selling author”. But if you want to keep yourself away from that rat race, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on publishing your book

Let’s not limit yourself by procrastinating your dream of becoming an author just because of the above reasons.

Now you can do it yourself.

It is called DIY (DO IT YOURSELF).

YES…!!! Now you can publish your book yourself without any cost by using the Namya press platform. And don’t worry, you are not alone here who is taking this decision. Newborn writers and established authors both are participating in it and taking the charge of publishing their book in their own hands.

Why choose DIY?

In the last few years, self-publishing is becoming so popular and demanding. There was a time when self- authoring was between limited people and people do not use to relay not on it. But now the time has changed, people don’t want to waste a lot of money unnecessary and don’t want to become part of that long process of the publishing house. So now people are saying goodbye to traditional publishing and preferring self-publishing.

When you decide to go for DIY(Do It Yourself), you must produce the final draft and decide the design of a cover page, size of font, and size of the book. You can show any advertisement you want to have absolute control of your book in your hand.

Self-publishing your book will eliminate the coast of printing and distributing physical copies. and one of the biggest benefits of having self-publishing is having global acknowledgment and access to your book. Readers don’t have to pay extra money for shipping and printing coast included in the physical book.

Publishing DIY with Namya Press is an opportunity to avail for authors who have published a print-on-demand title through a self-publishing platform but are not able to publish their book in India due to unavailability of the service of the publisher and not getting shipping print-on-demand books to other countries.

It will help you to increase your sales not just in India but across the globe.

You can plan your own marketing strategy according to your budget and time. Anyways these days it needs a good market strategy to impress the publisher. Then why not to do it for yourself.

You have time flexibility. Suppose, if you are doing a job and you have a time limit. You can manage your book publishing work part-time and enjoy the complete royalty.

How much time it will take?

You can publish your book within thirty minutes and get it updated on the top of the E-Commerce platform within seventy-two working hours.


If you have your own ISBN, that’s great. Otherwise, Namya Press will provide an ISBN number for your book.

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