DIY Publishing


DIY Publishing comes under Self-Publishing. Through this form of publishing, you can publish your book without any cost using the Namya Press platform.

If you are considering DIY, you’re not alone. New writers and established authors both have been increasingly taking the publishing of their books into their own hands. 


Why Choose DIY Publishing

DIY means Do It Yourself. A large number of writers wish to publish their book but due to financial difficulties, they are not able to do so easily.  Namya Press is providing them a platform to publish their book without spending any money.

Benefits of DIY Publishing

DIY Publishing with Namya Press is a great option for authors who have published a print-on-demand title through a self-publishing platform but are not able to publish their book in India due to unavailability of this service of their publisher, and are not shipping print-on-demand books to other countries. They can publish their book on the Namya Press DIY Platform and receive the benefit of increasing their sale in multiple countries.

Fast Service

You can publish your book within 30 minutes and get it updated on the top e-commerce platforms within 72 working hours.


You will have 100% control over the design and content of your book.


This is an extremely cost-effective method as you don’t have to pay the publisher. There is no cost of publishing your dreams.


If you have your own ISBN, you can provide it. If not, the Namya Press team will provide an ISBN number for your book.


Your book inventory will be available every time as there is print on demand.


Namya Press is providing its platform to distribute your book in the Indian and global territories.


Start DIY Publishing with Namya Press!