Promote and sell your book to a targeted audience Maximise your book’s sales potential. Reach readers all over the world.


Online Distribution ( India)

Your book will be listed in all the leading online sales channels including Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeals, , etc. Your book will also be available on Store where you will get more benefit on each book selling since we do not deduct the distribution charge if the book is sold from our store.

Online Distribution ( Global)

For sure, if you are self publishing a book, you want to take your title to a global level. We provide International Distribution directly through in paperback format in US, UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy .


We are having partners in offline book Distributor also. The copy of the book will be available with leading book Distributor stores , the process requires maximum 30 days after the release of the book and print upgrade. The royalty in offline book selling will be provided in every six months. Depending upon the genre of your book, sample copies will be sent to the relevant distributors. After getting purchase request from the retailers, we will be supplying more copies on respective book stores. The Production cost of additional copies will be paid by author and after selling the royalty will be credited automatically.

Libraries ( College, University, Public Libraries )

We are partners with Library . The List of books will be send in partner libraries, this process happens in 2 time in year, if any order we will received from Libraries then we will print your book and supplies in libraries.

Email to reader & Distributor

Every Month will be prepare catlouge for the publishing of new books and send through emails with our partner.


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