Publish & Earn Money

Publish & Earn Money

Now time to get some relax and enjoy the life, Namya press team to take care about book selling part,and pay the royalty every month( according to Plan).

You will get 100% profit share on each book  selling. The profit is calculated after deduction of production cost and distribution commission charges by individual distribution channel. The profit is calculated as: Royalty = MRP – Distribution Commission – Production Cost and Taxes. Royalty Calculator  will inform you how much royalty you will earn on every book.

Why there is difference between Namya Press Royalty and Other Channel’s Royalty ?

Other distribution channels charge Distribution Commission  on each book selling. But, in case, if the book is sold by Namya Press store then only production cost and taxes will be deducted and the rest amount will be author’s royalty since we do not charge distribution Commission at our store. Royalty Calculator  will inform you how much royalty you will earn on every book.

What is MRP ?

MRP is the least possible cost of the book that is decided according to the production cost of the book. Above the Minimum MRP and maximum MRP , you can set the price of book at your ease.

How will I Get Paid ?

Royalty amount is paid on monthly basis ( according to Plan). The reports will be updated on author dashboard and the amount will be directly paid to your registered bank account on every month.

How I can purchase my own copies ?

You just need to pay the printing cost and shipping charges and we will be delivering the author copies at your provided address.

Having more queries? Please discuss with your publication consultant and get resolve.


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